In light of the end of the Brexit transition period, we wish to clarify King’s approach to assessing fee status for students who enrolled at King's in 2020-21 or before. This may also include the ‘relevant family members of these groups. 
Important to know: This article only clarifies King’s approach to assessing fee status. If you have any questions or concerns around government funding from Student Finance England, please contact Student Finance England directly
This article has been written in accordance with government guidelines and regulations and helps to clarify some of the queries our EU/EEA/Swiss community have regarding fee status for those who enrolled at King's in the 2020-21 academic year (or before) . We will continue to revise this guidance in line with government guidelines. 
We can confirm that EU/EEA/Swiss students who were assessed as meeting “home” fee status eligibility on entry  to their programme in the 2020/21 academic year (or before), and who have completed the enrolment process at King’s (therefore registered for study) will not have their fees reassessed for the duration of their course.  
The following information below is relevant for students who have enrolled in 2020-21(or before) We've also made the information available in an official download/printable document: Post-Brexit Fee Status pdf.

Read the guidance below which best describes your individual circumstances.


In this article:  



Will my fees be reassessed if I interrupt?  

If you need to interrupt your studies but met “home” fee status eligibility upon entry to your programme, and completed the enrolment process in or before 2020-21, you will not have your fees reassessed whilst at King’s. 


Will my fees be reassessed if I transfer? 

 If you started your programme at Kings in or before the 2020/21 academic year and you meet any of the following criteria below, your fees will not be reassessed:

  • Transfer of subject area, where you will continue your learning at the same level with progression for example if you are currently studying MA International Relations and wish to transfer to MA International Conflict Studies and are being allowed to transfer at the same stage (therefore you are not restarting the new programme from the beginning); or  
  • Transferring onto the more in-depth version of the same programme (e.g. from a BSci to an MSci); or 
  • If you transfer onto or out of the study abroad or work placement version of your programme; or 
  • Transfer onto a different mode of study (e.g. part-time to full-time or vice versa); or 
  • Transfer from MRes to PHD where your admissions offer was for the full PHD programme and standard process is that you enrol onto the MRes in year 1 and then you are upgraded to the PHD if you meet the academic criteria to do so. 


Will my fees be reassessed if I begin a new programme at Kings? 

If your transfer to a new course and begin the programme from year 1, you may be subject to a fee assessment, using the regulations in place for that academic year. 


Will my fees be reassessed if I intercalate at King’s? 

If you are accepted onto an intercalation year at King’s, we will uphold the fee status assessment made at the point of entry to your programme (at King’s or another institution).


Will my fees be reassessed if I intercalate at another institution?  

Students registered on a Medical or Dental programme can choose to intercalate either at King’s or at another institution.   

If you choose to intercalate outside King’s, we recommend you check with the institution you are intending to intercalate with to understand how they will assess your fee status. 

If you do intercalate outside King’s, when you re-join your programme at King’s no fee reassessment will be made. Your fee status will be the same as when you began your programme. 


Will my fee status be reassessed if I choose to defer my studies? 

If you were made an offer but deferred that offer prior to having enrolled, you would not be considered as an EU national who started a higher education course in England in the 2020/21 academic year (or before), and therefore would be subject to the regulations implemented when you are about to enrol.