At King’s, we recognise the potential of talented students from all backgrounds. We remain committed to providing equal opportunities for all applicants as outlined in our Access and Participation Plan.  

For our Undergraduate UK applicants, King’s will use contextual information to gain a more complete picture of an applicant and educational context. This article will include more information on what contextual information is used during the application process and eligibility requirements. 
In this article


What contextual information is used to assess an application?
Contextual information may include: 
  • Educational, geo-demographic and socio-economic background data, such as historic data about an applicant’s school or college.

  • Information relating to an applicant’s personal circumstances, such as if they have been in care, or involved in widening participation activities.

Am I eligible to receive a contextualised offer?
Contextual offers are made to those applicants whose personal circumstances may have affected their academic progress. Contextual offers are two A-Level grades* (or equivalent) lower than the entry requirements found within our online prospectus.

You must also meet at least one of the following criteria outlined below to be considered for a contextual offer.
  • Have participated in one of King’s College London’s widening participation programmes: 
    • Discover Chemistry Summer School  

    • KCL Sutton Trust Summer School  

    • KPlus  

    • Realising Opportunities 

  • Live in one of the following postcodes: 
    • ACORN: the applicant lives in an area which has a higher classification (quintiles 4 and 5)
    • IMD: the applicant lives in an area which has a higher level of deprivation (decile 1 – 4 or quintiles 1-2)
    • POLAR: the applicant lives in an area where the proportion of young people progressing to higher education is low (quintile 1 and 2) 



Can I still be considered for a contextualised offer if I do not meet the eligibility criteria above?
Additional consideration is given to applications from students whose personal circumstances may have affected their achievement, but are not eligible for a contextual offer. 
The outcome of this process may be an offer of a place on the programme applied for or an offer of a place on an alternative programme; please be advised that an offer cannot be guaranteed. 

You must meet at least one of the following criteria for their application to be given additional consideration. 

  • Have participated one of King’s College London’s widening participation programmes: 
  • Dent-View  
  • Med-View 

Applicants that are forced migrants or estranged should visit the webpages above for further information on how to confirm your eligibility. 


Important to Know:

  • * There are some exceptions to Contextualised Admissions at King's; Please visit our Study at King's webpages for further information.


What happens after I apply?
After submitting your application, King’s automatically receives several pieces of educational, socio-economic and geodemographic data from UCAS and other datasets. This data may be used as part of the holistic assessment of your potential to succeed at King’s. This data also includes any disclosure made by an applicants of time in care or involvement in widening participation activities.  


Important to know: Please visit our Study at King's webpages for further guidance on Contextualised Admissions at King's.