For 2020-21 we’ve expanded our online support for mental health and wellbeing, making it more available and accessible wherever you’re studying this year. Whether you need counselling, are experiencing a crisis, or simply need some advice and tips to get you through a challenging year, we’ve pulled together a wide range of resources to support you.
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Online counselling & mental health support appointments
The Counselling and Mental Health Support Service has now moved online. We offer free and confidential online support to all King’s students.
We offer all UK-based students either 30-minute support appointments or 50-minute counselling and mental health sessions.
I’m not living in London/the UK at the moment, what support can I access?
If you’re currently living and studying outside London or the UK, we can still offer you support. We offer non-UK based students support check-in appointments up to 30 minutes.
Due to various licensing and registration issues, we are only permitted to offer 30-minute welfare appointments to students based overseas, which is why 50 minute appointments are available only to students who are UK based. The law in some countries restricts the right to practise as a counsellor or psychologist, and practitioners have to meet the local professional requirements to be legally compliant.
How can I contact the service?

Out-of-hours support

If you’re currently based outside of the UK or if you need to access to counselling support outside our usual working hours of Monday to Friday, 9:00 – 17:00; we have 2 options available to help you:

  1. We’ve partnered with the organisation Pro Counselling to offer free and confidential counselling and mental health support. Find out more about how Pro Counselling can help by referring to our article Mental health support during evenings, weekends & vacation periods.
  2. You may also find it helpful to check our resources for 24/7 online support from Togetherall. This is a safe and anonymous online space you can go to if you're feeling down, struggling to cope or just want to talk to people who understand what you're going through. Find out more about how Togetherall can help by referring to our article Mental health support from Togetherall.


Urgent or Crisis support

If you feel that you need urgent or crisis support please look at the resources and contacts at Crisis support: need help now.

If you’re experiencing domestic abuse, please refer to our article What support is available for victims of domestic abuse during the Coronavirus outbreak? for support and guidance on where you can get help.
If you’re concerned about the wellbeing of another student and you’d like some guidance on what to do, please refer to I'm concerned about a student/peer.

Self-help for mental health & wellbeing

You may feel that counselling is not for you, but feel you could use some guidance to help manage your own thoughts and feelings.

The Chaplaincy team at King's are available to those of all faiths and none. They are interested in tackling the big philosophical questions of life, and also in the minutiae of every day living, and everything in between.
To help you support your own wellbeing, we recommend referring to a selection of our articles that may help: