The King's spring break is from Thursday 1 April until Sunday 25 April 2021.
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Travelling within the UK & abroad
The Department for Education has confirmed that those students already at their term-time address will be able to travel to their non-term address for the Spring break (1 April to 25 April at King’s) if they choose to do so and as long as international travel restrictions allow. The government strongly advises, however, that students should remain in their term-time address wherever possible in order to reduce the virus transmission risks of travel.

If you want to travel within the UK, please take a look at the latest restrictions for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on the government’s Coronavirus webpages.
If you want to travel abroad, please take a look at our detailed articles:

Space to study during the spring break
Take a look at our article Where can I study on campus? for the opening times of different spaces.

Support services during bank holidays & weekends
Our Student Support & Wellbeing Services are closed on bank holidays and weekends, so please take a look at our recommended alternative sources of support:

Emergency & Crisis support


Health & wellbeing support (non-emergency)


Welfare & advisory support