At King’s we remain committed in supporting our students with specific needs during these difficult circumstances. This article provides an overview of all the disability support you can access throughout the 21-22 academic year, whether you are in the UK or currently overseas. 
In this article:
I think I have a disability and need support 
If you are unsure if you have a disability or a learning difficulty, you can contact Disability Support, who can arrange a diagnostic assessment for you. Our article I think I’ve got dyslexia, can I be tested includes more information on diagnostic assessments for Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD’s). 
If you have not registered for the Disability Service 
Our article How do I register with Disability Support for the first time? provides you with an overview of how you can register for Disability Support for the first time, and includes guidance on the documents you’ll need to provide during the registration process. 
How can Disability Support assist me? 
Disability Support at King’s are a team of specialist advisers who offer information, advice, and guidance to both prospective and current students, who have a long-term medical or mental health condition, Specific learning difficulties (SpLD’s) or other impairments that impact learning.   
During the pandemic and throughout your studies, Disability Support can support you with:
  • Applying for Personal Assessment Arrangements (PAA)

  • Creating a King’s Inclusion (KIP) 

  • Applying for funding (Disabled Students’ Allowance) 

  • Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs)  

  • Providing additional learning support for international, EU and other non DSA funded students. 

Take a look at our article How can Disability Support assist me with my disability? for a detailed overview of how Disability Support can support you during your studies.  
How can I contact Disability Support?
Disability Support currently offer appointments, study skills and assistive software training remotely through Microsoft Teams or by telephone. Take a look at our article Accessing Student Support and Wellbeing remotely for further guidance on contacting the team during this time. If you have a general query, you can email Disability Support directly.
What additional support can I access if I am studying on campus?  
There are a range of support options available to you if you are returning to study on campus: 
Inclusive campus badges 
To aid the smooth transition when returning to campus and to provide an accessible, inclusive environment for all, we’ve introduced 4 ‘inclusive campus badges’ which inform others of those who are exempt from certain measures or require additional support on campus.
The following badges below are available for you to pick up from our campus receptions, libraries and residences:
  • Exempt from face coverings

For those who are exempt from wearing a face covering due to physical or mental illness, impairment, or disability.

  • Priority lift access

Please let someone wearing this badge into the lift before you. Some disabilities are invisible; we cannot assume someone’s ability to use the stairs based on their appearance.

  • I sign BSL

Someone wearing this badge can communicate with you through British Sign Language. They may also be unable to hear you, especially if you are wearing a face covering.

  • I’m a lip-reader

Someone who is wearing this badge may not be able to understand you if you are wearing a face covering.

Find out more information on our Campus A-Z webpage. 

Accessible campus guides 
To help you plan your journey in advance, you can view our full range of Accessible campus guides; helpful access guides which highlight all of our accessible features across all our campuses. 
Assistive Technology Rooms (ATR) 
At King’s, we have 10 Assistive Technology Rooms (ATRs) that are distributed over 5 campuses, that  provide a quiet study area with PCs loaded with assistive software applications, and access to printer and scanners. You can find out more about ATR's in our article How can I access Assistive Technology Rooms at King's?
Important to know: