Since the pandemic began, £34.5 million in scams have been sadly lost. If you’ve been scammed, please know that it’s nothing to be ashamed about, and you should seek advice from your bank to see what can be done.

Several scammers have been calling or sending scam emails and texts to victims exploiting the hardships of the pandemic. 
These require you to click a link directing you to a convincing website, where you are asked to share your personal or financial details, which you should not.

Visit Ofcom: Coronavirus scam calls and texts to learn more about these scams.

Stay well informed of the facts regarding Coronavirus
There might be instances where you receive messages and updates regarding Coronavirus from friends or family members, through various social media platforms.

As a rule of thumb, you should always try to get the latest updates and advice regarding the pandemic from official sources such as and the NHS.

If you are ever doubtful of information being shared with you, you can also check the validity of information, using trusted ‘fact checking’ websites such as FullFact and FactCheck.



Scam claiming to be from Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC)



Vaccination scams


Where can I get support?
If you have been or if you think you might have been targeted by one of the scams we’ve described, or something similar, please don’t hesitate to contact our Money Advisers for help and guidance.