Students studying remotely for semester 2 and who want to arrive in the UK before the 30 June deadline must travel to the UK after teaching has ended (e.g. after 1 April 2022). This is because UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) do not allow students to study remotely in the UK on a student visa. 

What to do next to travel to the UK will depend on if you hold a valid Student visa or have travelled to the UK on your visa. Please read below for more information on what you should do next depending on your personal situation.

If you hold a valid BRP/digital visa 



If you hold a valid Student visa but have not yet travelled to the UK 



If you have a valid visa and valid 90-day vignette 



If you have a valid visa but your travel vignette has expired



If you are yet to apply for your student visa 



Important to know: If you need further support, contact our Visa and International Advice team at King’s; read our article What student support services are available? for guidance on how to contact the team.