Important to know:
When arriving in the UK please refer to the latest information provided by the UK Government regarding travel by visiting Travel guidelines for entering the UK. This includes countries on the 'Red' list, and guidance you’re expected to follow, depending on the country from which you’ve travelled. 
At present, there are no countries on the red list. Please be advised that countries/territories can be added to the 'Red list' at any time, therefore, we urge you to frequently check the latest travel guidance, and read the rules about what you must do when you travel to England from abroad.
For further guidance about what you should do when coming to England from overseas from any country, please always check the official information from the UK Government in the first instance. These guidelines are subject to change and will give you the most up-to-date information you need to know when travelling if you are fully vaccinated, or if you have not yet been vaccinated. For this guidance please visit Travelling to the UK from another country during coronavirus (COVID-19).
The rest of this article provides further guidance for international students self-isolating after a positive test result. 
Important to know: Upon receiving a positive test result, you should follow public health advice from the UK Government in the first instance. 
Before self-isolating you should also: 
Support from King's if you are in self-isolation
I’m self-isolating in a King’s Residence since arriving from overseas; what support is available?
I’m self-isolating in a private residence/accommodation since arriving from overseas; what support is available?

Quarantine requirements at the requirement of your study abroad host country


How do I access learning while I'm in self-isolation?
Once teaching has started, if there are times that you can’t come to campus for your timetabled classes, then your department will be able to support you and provide any materials you might have missed. You can also take a look at the online guidance and exercises at Starting your studies at King’s.