This article includes helpful guidance as you complete the Re-Registration task.  


Why do we need this information? 

In accordance with our legal duty to UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI), we are required to hold copies of visas for all students subject to immigration control and ensure that our students have the correct immigration permission to study at the university.

This information allows us to keep your student record up-to-date and the university compliant with UKVI.





Who will be required to submit the requested documents? 



How can I submit the requested documents?  


What documents will I need to provide?

What documents you will need to provide will depend on your nationality, the type of immigration permission you hold, and how you entered through the border.  Navigate to the relevant heading below:  

Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)


Electronic Status/E-visa’s/Pre-Settled/Settled Status



Vignette (visa sticker in your passport) 


I am here for less than 6 months and only have a stamp in my passport 




I don't have a visa/stamp, since I am only here for less than 6 months 




I am in the UK on another visa type. Do I still need to complete the form?




I have recently applied for a new visa and have not yet received a decision



I am not in the UK/do not require a visa
After you've completed the form 



I submitted my documents via the form, but I am not sure if you have received them? 



Will I receive a confirmation email to confirm that my re-registration check has been successful? 


If you need further support



I'm having issues accessing the form; What can I do? 



I think the form was sent to me in error? 



I need further support