Our accommodation webpages have detailed FAQs about applying and living in King's Residences. Explore the answers provided online to learn whether you are eligible to apply, and how the process will work.

You'll only be able to apply for King's Residences 2 working days after you've accepted your offer to study at King's. Your place in a King's Residence is confirmed at the time of booking when a contract will be issued for you to review and accept.

Important to know during COVID-19:

  • Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we have limited availability in our residences for the 2020-21 academic year.
  • If you have requested a flexible accommodation start contract then to secure your accommodation you will need to make a one-month payment at your rental rate, payable before 19 September 2020. This deposit will be instead of our usual cancellation fee. The accommodation team will contact you about this.
  • If your programme has a January 2021 start date or you're on a 15 month programme, then you'll be provided with a 12-month accommodation contract from January 2021 unless you prefer to still arrive on the standard contract start date of 19 September 2020.