King’s has 10 Assistive Technology Rooms across 5 campuses, mostly within our libraries. Assistive software workshops are held all year round to help you practice using assistive technology. Alternatively, you can request an individual assistive technology training session from your Disability Adviser.

Important to know: You'll need to be assessed by a Disability Adviser before you can use the Assistive Technology Rooms.  You can find more details about workshops and specific assistive software on the Disability Support webpages.


Can I use assistive technology for my online exam? 

If you normally make use of assisted technology, you can use this for your online exams. If you do not have access to appropriate technology or, you have any queries about other types of reasonable adjustment for online exams, please contact Disability Services as soon as possible, as they will be able to provide further information on what may be available to you.
Take a look at our article Accessing Student Support & Wellbeing remotely for guidance on how to contact the team during this period.