This article provides an overview of the student support services available during your time at King’s and who you might contact depending on the type of support you need. 

Our support services are organised into four different levels, in line with the King's Pyramid of Support. As you move up through the Pyramid, our services offer more distinct and specialised support. You might find that you access different levels of support throughout your studies.

Level One: I'm looking for ways to support my wellbeing

If you’re looking to make the most of university life, stay healthy and look after your wellbeing there’s lots on offer.


Getting involved in the King's community



Talking to others



Information and self-help resources


Level Two: I need some advice

At times during your studies, you might face common challenges and need some targeted information and guidance.


Visa & International Student Advice



Faculty Wellbeing Advisors



Residence Welfare Leads



King's Student Money Mentors



King's Wellness Scheme


Level Three: I need specific help

If you’re facing challenges that impact your day-to-day life, including your health, wellbeing and studies, there’s a range of support available from our specialist support services. You might need support from more than one of our teams.


Money & Housing Advice



Visa & International Advice​​​



Counselling & Mental Health Support



Disability Support & Inclusion



Report + Support



Student Funding



Student Conduct & Appeals


Level Four: I'm in a crisis 
If you are in extreme distress, feel unable to keep yourself safe, are worried about harming yourself or are concerned for another student’s wellbeing you need to contact an emergency service or crisis support service. Details of these different services are available at Crisis support: need help now.

Student of Concern