Your visitors should read the government's immigration guidance carefully before applying for a visa. There is no specific list of documents they must show to get this visa, nor is there a specific amount of money that you or they must hold. Your visitor will need to demonstrate to UKVI that they:

  • want to visit the UK for 6 months or less
  • intend to leave the UK at the end of their visit
  • have enough money to support themselves during their visit
  • do not intend to work in the UK

UKVI are also likely to require evidence that your visitors have somewhere to stay during their time in the UK and will want to see evidence of their reason for visiting, so will need additional evidence from you (see below). Your visitors should check with their local UK embassy if there are any further documents they need before they apply.

Important to know:

  • Visitors are not eligible for NHS health treatment. Your visitors should arrange their own travel/health insurance and have evidence of this when they make their application.
  • If your visitors are non-visa nationals and intend to obtain entry to the UK on arrival at the airport, they should still carry documentation that demonstrates all of the above with them in their hand luggage in case the immigration officer asks to see this evidence.

5 Documents you can provide to assist with the Standard Visitor visa application process:

  1. You can write an invitation letter for your visitors and post this to your family or friends to submit in support of their visa application. Each person you invite will need their own original letter from you. We suggest your invitation letter to include below information:
    • who you are inviting over (the relationship between you and the person)
    • your current status (e.g. full-time student studying on BSc/BA/MSc/MA programme at King's)
    • the reason they are visiting you (e.g. attending your graduation ceremony, travelling with you, or any other specific reasons)
    • the proposed length of stay in the UK
    • the accommodation arrangement made for the person during the time
    • list of documents you will provide to support their visitor visa application
  2. If you're financially supporting your visitor, you will need to send an original bank statement to demonstrate that you have enough funds to do this.
  3. If your visitor is staying with you then you will need to state this in your invitation letter. If they are staying in a hotel then you can submit a hotel booking, or they can book their own hotel and show evidence of their booking.
  4. You will always need to send your visitors copies of your passport details page, visa page and Biometric Residence Permit (if you have one) for them to enclose in support of their Standard Visitor visa application.
  5. You will also always need to send a letter from the University confirming you are a student.