A Confirmation of Study letter confirms your basic personal and course details. It is designed for opening a bank account, obtaining council tax exemption and many other situations where you simply need to prove you’re a student with us. You can view an example of this letter online.

To download your personalised and official letter from King's:

  1. Log in to Student Records (if you have difficulties, contact the IT Service Desk).
  2. Check your personal details are correct and up-to-date
  3. Click Confirmation of Study letter
  4. Select a general or bank letter
  5. Select Send letter to KCL email address

Having difficulties with your letter?

If you receive an error message when attempting to download your letter or have another technical issue, or you believe that there is a mistake on the letter, please let us know and we will look into this for you.

Concerned your letter might not be accepted?

We have worked directly with banks and other authorities (such as local councils/government) to ensure the letter meets standards. You might also find the below advice helpful:

  • If you're submitting a paper-copy, make sure it's in colour
  • In the unlikely scenario that your document's authenticity is questioned, we recommend you show them this article to view this information
  • If you're able to demonstrate the generation of the document on your connected device in front of them (phone/laptop/etc.) then this will also greatly support their understanding
  • If in a bank, ask to speak to the Bank Manager to explain, as the customer service agent opening your account may have training gaps
  • Consider opening your account with a branch close to campus where they are more familiar with student customers
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