A Confirmation of Study letter confirms your basic personal and course details. You can view an example of this letter online.

For the 2020-21 academic year, your letter will be available for you to download 48 hours after you have completed online enrolment. If you try to download your letter sooner than this, you are likely to receive an error message.

To download your personalised and official letter from King's:

  1. Log in to Student Records.
  2. Check your personal details are correct and up-to-date.
  • For undergraduates or postgraduate taught students: on your homepage go to the ‘My Programme’ heading.
  • For postgraduate research students: on the bottom-right of your homepage you will find the heading ‘Confirmation of Study’.
  1. Click Confirmation of Study letter.
  2. Select a general or bank letter.
  3. Select Send letter to KCL email address.

For more information about this letter, including how and when you can use it, please see our article I need to prove I'm a student.

Having technical difficulties accessing this letter?
If you receive an error message when attempting to download your letter or have another technical issue, or you believe that there is a mistake on the letter, there could be a number of reasons for this. It could be:
  • You’re not yet fully enrolled for the current academic year: The letter will only be accessible if you are fully enrolled on your course. If you’re a new student, make sure you have fully completed enrolment. If you’re a returning student, make sure you’ve completed your re-enrolment task for the year. Remember, it will take 48 hours after you complete enrolment for your letter to be available.
  • You’re resitting or on a break this year: Your status on your record may be preventing the letter from being automatically issued. This does not mean you can’t get it, it simply means we will need to check your status and the reason you need the letter. Once we’ve been able to check this, we will let you know and can issue the letter manually if needed.
  • It’s a technical glitch: The reason could be a simple technical hiccup. If there is no reason why the letter shouldn’t work for you, we’ll refer you to IT.
  • You’ve recently submitted your thesis: If you’re a research student and have submitted your thesis, your record will update your enrolment status code, and this can stop the automatic letter from working. We can check your record and find out what’s happened.
Whatever the possible reason, if there is a problem like this please let us know and we will look into this for you.
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