If you are thinking of applying to study abroad, or already going through the application process, the Global Mobility team can advise and support you.

You can also find details of the internal application process here - Study Abroad - how to apply

If you’re ready to submit your application to your host university, then you will be asked to show –

  • Your module results so far and/or
  • A list of the modules you’re currently enrolled on, for which you don’t yet have any results

The best document to use for this is your Record of Agreed Results (ROAR) which you can download yourself. This document shows all your ratified results and module registrations.
For more detail on this document and how to access it, please see our article I need to prove my module results so far.

If anything is missing from your ROAR, please let us know and we can look into this for you.

Important to know: If you have an upcoming deadline for your study abroad application, please include this detail, along with any other information you think is relevant, when you logging your query with us.