If you need to prove the module results you’ve achieved so far, all you need to do is access your Record of Agreed Results (ROAR) letter which you can download yourself from Gradintelligence.

This document will show your ratified results for your completed modules so far in your course and shows King’s and ECTS credits. You can view an example of this letter online.

I’m not sure how to log into my Gradintelligence account
We run a process every month which invites any newly enrolled undergraduate or postgraduate taught student to register for a Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) on Gradintelligence. Your ROAR and HEAR are generated together and both are available on Gradintelligence. Once you have registered, you will be able to see all of the modules that you are undertaking and results.

Important to know: Please check your KCL email account for information about registering for your HEAR.

To download your Record of Agreed Results (ROAR):

  1. Activate your account on gradintel.com using your King's email address.
  • We recommend searching your KCL email account for your activation link sent in an email when you started your course. Search “hear” or “gradintelligence” in your inbox.
  1. Once your results have been released, log in to gradintel.com.
  2. If you have a ROAR available, it will be on the Gradintelligence homepage.
  3. Click “view my ROAR” to view the document.
  4. Click “share my ROAR” to send a secure link for someone else to view the document or print directly from a PDF viewer.

How quickly will my results appear?
As soon as results have been ratified by an assessment board, and released on to the students record, they should appear within 2 working days.

Important to know:

  • During busy periods, the release of your results could take a bit more time. If you check your ROAR and HEAR and no results are showing within the expected time, please check back in a day or 2, and your results should then be available.
  • No preliminary/provisional results that have been released onto your KEATS will appear on the HEAR or ROAR until they have been ratified by an examinations board.
  • For undergraduates, results for the year are usually ratified during the summer months (after all exams have taken place)
  • For postgraduate taught students on a 1-year course running from September to September; it is likely your results will only be ratified after 30 September.

I’m having difficulties accessing my account or my documents
If you are a current student and having difficulties accessing your Gradintelligence account, please see our article Accessing my Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) on Gradintel for more guidance.

If you have logged in but no ROAR or HEAR are appearing there, please let us know and we can look into this for you.


I’m looking for a GPA conversion for my results
If you’re a King’s graduate or a current student approaching the end of your studies, and you're applying to institutions overseas that require a GPA for your degree, you’ll need to use an external service provider to calculate this conversion – unfortunately King’s can’t provide this for you.

UK ENIC is one organisation that provides this service, as does WES, which focuses on the US and Canada. To be sure however, we advise checking with the institution are you applying to about conversion resources, since they may have particular organisations they use to verify conversions or equivalences.


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