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Can I still be funded once I re-enrol?
As you near your re-enrolment date, contact your funding body to let them know of your intention to resume your course. They may want confirmation of this from King’s, in which case you should contact the Student Funding Office who can help you with this.

Upon enrolment, any remaining balance from your Postgraduate Loans should become payable again. You don’t have to reapply for the funding.

Instead of the balance, can I access the full amount of loan again? I had to interrupt due to reasons outside of my control.
Regrettably, there are tight restrictions on the payment of Postgraduate Loans, and usually a student can access only one of these loans, ever! So even if you have a very strong reason for the original interruption, (sometimes referred to as Compelling Personal Reasons or CPR), there are limits to the amount that can be released to you.

CPRs are reasons outside of your control and might include (but is not limited to), serious ill health or a close bereavement, all of which negatively impacted on your ability to study on/attend the original course.

So, there are no examples when a full Postgraduate Loan can be paid more than once?
Only if you were to withdraw from your original course, successfully claim CPR and start an eligible course again, from the start; then a new, full loan would be payable.

If you are thinking about doing this, please speak to the Money & Housing Advice team and we will guide you on the process.