At King’s, we’ve developed the Essential Digital Skills Programme, a new online programme designed to help you to develop your digital skills, excel in your studies and support your personal development throughout your time at King’s.

What will the Essential Digital Skills Programme cover?

The Essential Digital Skill Programme will cover:

  • How to use the required IT systems to support your academic development and gain confidence in their use
  • How to be a good digital citizen
  • How to develop a positive digital identity
  • Popular digital skills required by employers

How long will the programme last for?
The Digital Skills Programme will be delivered during Semester 1 and 2. You’ll spend no more than 2 hours per week during term time engaging with this programme, which can be completed in around 30 hours.

How can I access the programme?
You’ll be able to access the programme, once you’ve log into KEATS.

hat will I receive once I’ve completed the programme?
You will receive a Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) accreditation upon completion of the programme and the relevant assessments.
 The HEAR accreditation will be added to your transcript so that prospective employers know that you completed the Essential Digital Skills Programme.


Important to know : For more information on the Essential Digital Skills programme, visit our Teachlearntech webpage

Other ways you can develop your digital skills at King’s include:

Important to know: For more guidance on improving your digital and academic skills, take a look at our Academic, digital & employability skills webpages