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How to use the recommended technologies
The Digital Skills Hub has highlighted recommended technologies to enable fully flexible teaching and learning:

  • KEATS (Moodle) as the core learning environment for the support and delivery of flexible learning.

  • Kaltura as the King’s supported platform for the creation, editing and uploading of video content.

  • Microsoft Teams Meetings as the recommended tool to support the delivery of online synchronous teaching sessions.

For guidance on these, you can visit the Technology Guides section in Flexible Teaching and Learning (internal KEATS module).

Find out more by visiting Digital Learning Essentials.

You can also do the Essential Digital Skills Programme, which is an online programme designed to help you to develop your digital skills, excel in your studies and support your personal development throughout your time at King’s. Find out more in our article How can I develop my digital skills?


How to use King's Student Virtual Desktop (SVD)

The King’s Student Virtual Desktop (SVD) allows you access to specialist applications remotely via a secure link that would only normally be available via campus computing systems. 

Important to know: Your faculty/department will contact you directly if use of WVD applies to you. There is a SVD User Guide available on the Digital Skills Hub page

Who should I contact if I’m having issues accessing the virtual desktop?
If you’re experiencing issues accessing the virtual desktop, please contact the IT Service Desk, who will be able to assist further.


What is Kaltura?

Kaltura is a video streaming platform where content ranging from lectures, sessions, workshops can be shared and streamed online.

You can use Kaltura to:

  • Discover a wide range of helpful videos on Life at King’s to give you an insight into student life

  • Stream video content by Faculty/Department

  • Upload and submit videos for assignments and assessments

How do I access Kaltura?
To be able to use Kaltura, you’ll need to have set up your King's IT account first.
Once you have your IT credentials, you’ll be able to log into Kaltura through our webpages.

Using Kaltura for the first time
Before using Kaltura, take a look at our Kaltura Student Guide on KEATS, where you can find guidance on:

  • Navigating 'My Media' and 'Media Gallery' on Kaltura

  • Recording and uploading to Kaltura

  • Editing your media in Kaltura

  • Completing a Kaltura Quiz

  • Submitting media assignment to Kaltura

Important to know:

  • Kaltura can be accessed internationally as long as you have a King’s account.

  • Kaltura videos and audio content also includes captions.


What is KEATS?

KEATS (King’s E-Learning and Teaching Service) is the University’s online learning environment which is used by both students and academic staff.
You can use KEATS to access a wide range of online resources and materials, in the form of assessments, discussions and assignments.

How can I access KEATS?
You can access the main KEATS web page, using your King's email address and password.

How do I use KEATS for the first time?

Once you’ve logged into KEATS, you’ll have access to view the KEATS Student Support Course, which provides you with guidance on how to use KEATS. The course can be used throughout your studies to help you familiarise yourself with the many functions on KEATS.

Accessing the KEATS Student Support Course:

  • On the main KEATS web page, click on the drop-down menu called ‘Support’

  • Once this has been selected, select the ‘Student Guides’ option, which will then allow you view the course.

Who should I contact if I’m having issues with KEATS?

  • If you’re having issues viewing your modules, get in touch with your Faculty support contact.

  • Contact the IT Service Desk if you are having any technical issues with KEATS and provide as much detail about the issues you are experiencing. If your issue is urgent, contact the IT service desk on 020 7848 8888.

Important to know: Remember to sign out of KEATS when using a computer in a public space.