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Financial wellbeing
The Money & Housing Advice team have produced a video series on Financial Wellbeing which you may find very helpful. The Financial Wellbeing Series is made up of 6 parts, which includes funding, student spending, financial hardship, money management, mental health and planning for the future. We would encourage you to watch all the workshops in this series that are relevant to you.

We also recommend using Blackbullion, an online platform to provide digital financial education that develops financial confidence, knowledge, skills, and empowers better decision making.






Financial Wellbeing Part 1 - Where does your money go?



Financial Wellbeing Part 2 - Funding my undergraduate studies in 2020



Financial Wellbeing Part 2 - Funding your studies for returning nurses, midwifes, physios and dieticians



Financial Wellbeing Part 3 - How to budget



Financial Wellbeing Part 4 - Financial help and support from King's



Financial Wellbeing Part 6 - Making money


Understanding & avoiding scams
The Understanding and Avoiding Scams series is made up of 2 parts, which explains what scams are, the scams that can target students, and how to report scams.



Understanding & Avoiding Scams Part 1: What is a Scam?



Understanding & Avoiding Scams Part 2: Known Student Scams