This article is for students in The Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing, Midwifery & Palliative Care.
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If you are receiving support from the NHS Learning Support Fund, you can claim expenses for the additional costs of travel to placement if the return journey to your placement is more than your normal daily return travel costs to university.

More information about Travel and Dual Accommodation Expenses funding is available on the NHSBSA website. Please also read the Guide for students and universities.

Important to know: If you’re submitting a travel claim, please remember to download your Oyster card history or receive it via email from TfL; otherwise you can only see a maximum of 8 weeks into the past.

Can I use my own vehicle to travel to placements?
You may only use your own vehicle to travel to placement in exceptional circumstances, and you must contact the Programmes Team and be approved before you use your own vehicle.
No refund of mileage will be made to students who have not been approved in this way.
If you choose to use your own vehicle for travel during a community placement, you must confirm with the placements team that you have business cover through your insurance company before you begin the placement activity.