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Who are period products available to?  

Period products are available to all those who menstruate.  



What period products are available? 

Sanitary pads and tampons are available for when you’re caught short. 



A dispenser is running low on period products. What can I do?  

Please email us to flag that period products are running low at a particular location. We’ll then top them up as soon as possible. We monitor locations regularly to try to avoid dispensers running out. 



Where do King’s period products come from?  

We use Hey Girls products and dispensers. Hey Girls is an award-winning period product social enterprise. All Hey Girls products are biodegradable or recyclable, making them a sustainable choice. 


Hey Girls has a ‘buy one give one’ operating model. This means they donate one product for every product we purchase, which helps reduce the impact of period poverty in the UK.  


To learn more about Hey Girls’ social enterprise, read their blog What is Buy One Give One?



Are tampons safe to use? 


Hey Girls tampons are made from 100% unbleached organic cotton, which studies have shown is the safest material for tampons.


In very rare cases, tampon use has been associated with toxic shock syndrome. To learn more, please visit NHS Toxic shock syndrome.



Where can I find period products on campus 

Period products are available across our campuses in female, gender-neutral and accessible toilets.


To find out where gender-neutral toilets are available on campus, please see the Gender Neutral Washrooms Locations map. Where there are no gender-neutral facilities nearby, they'll be available in accessible toilets 


Use the following location guides to learn where you can access period products across King’s campuses.



Strand Campus 




Waterloo Campus 




Guy’s Campus 




Denmark Hill Campus 




St Thomas’ Campus