We understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances may require you to end your internship earlier than expected. Whether it’s due to a family emergency, finding a more suitable opportunity, or any other reason, it's crucial to handle this situation professionally and effectively. It is important to end any opportunity with all parties feeling positive and with mutual agreement, to enable your long-term career success. Many companies will ask for references, which will be given by past employers. Ending your internship positively will help this reference be more favourable, which will impact your future career. 


Below, we have outlined steps to help you navigate this process in a proactive and professional way. 


If you did not sign a King’s Host Agreement, because your opportunity is extracurricular, only sections 1-4 and 8 will apply to you. 





1. Consider the reason why you want to terminate the opportunity



2. What are your rights? (UK-based work only)



3. Communicating with your employer



4. Conversation starters for honest exchanges​​​​​​



5. Did you sign a King’s Host Agreement? 



6. Understanding King's Policies



7. Example Email to Internships/Global Placements Team: Requesting Early Termination Agreement (only if you have signed a King’s Host Agreement) 



8. Professional Closure