If you are participating in a structured internship programme, industry placement or consultancy project run by King’s (credit-bearing), you will be expected to complete the King’s Host Agreement in order to formalise your involvement. Failure to complete this may mean you are unable to participate in the programme. 


We know that many other students will take part in extracurricular internships – and sometimes your host employer will request documentation from King’s to confirm your student status (or request that your university agrees to certain terms) in order for you to undertake the opportunity. 

If your employer requires additional documentation, the King’s Host Agreement is available for you to share with them. 


Please be advised that King’s is unable to sign employers’ own documentation or that provided by external organisations. These documents will be rejected. Unfortunately, if your employer requires documentation from King’s – but is unable to sign our King’s Host Agreement, you may be unable to undertake this opportunity. 



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I’m graduating during the opportunity or a graduate of King’s, or a dormant student who has interrupted their studies; can I access the Agreement? 



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