For more information about the King's Student app, please see our article What is the King’s Student app and how do I use it?


Code of Conduct 

The King’s Student app is intended to be a safe space, and students are expected to follow the King’s Community Charter at all times while using it. All members of the King’s community have a responsibility in ensuring that King’s is an inclusive, accessible, and engaging environment that promotes equality of opportunity for everyone in our community, offline and online.  

If you are added as a member of a Group, please only post content that is relevant to the Group’s topic. 

Messages sent on the King’s Student app may be subject to moderation and can be used as evidence by the Student Conduct & Appeals team when investigation claims of misconduct by students. Messages which use profanity will be viewable by all participants in Groups as well as staff administrators of the app, and may be reported and/or deleted. 

By using the King’s Student app, you agree to comply with this Code of Conduct, the University's Data Protection Policy, Information Security Procedure and IT Acceptable Use Policy, and understand that failure to do so may result in disciplinary action. 



Respect others



Protect privacy



Report misconduct



Consequences for misconduct



Use the app appropriately