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Where is my HEAR and what format is it in?

Your HEAR is an electronic document and is hosted on a website called Gradintelligence or 'Gradintel' as it is commonly called.

As a King's student, we have already set up an account for you; all you need to do is activate it to access your HEAR for the first time.

To access your HEAR:

  1. Activate your account on using your King's email address.
  2. Your HEAR may not be immediately available; the document is only released following the ratification and release of results at academic boards.
  3. Once your results have been released, log in to
  4. If you have a HEAR available, it will be on the Gradintelligence homepage.
  5. Select 'view my HEAR' to view the document.
  6. Select 'share my HEAR' to send a secure link for someone else to view the document or print directly from a PDF viewer.

If your HEAR is not there or incomplete, and you want to know when your results will be available please see When will my HEAR show all my results?


What is Gradintel and how does it work?

Gradintel is a service and website external to King's which is used by universities in the UK to deliver the HEAR. It is owned by the Tribal Group but the content of your HEAR is supplied and managed by King's and is linked to your student record.

When you enrol as a student at King’s, we register you with an account with Gradintel, all ready to fill up your HEAR as you progress through your studies. This means that you don’t need to register yourself on Gradintel – we’ll do it for you. In fact, when you started your studies, you should have received an email about activating your account. If your KCL email account is still active, search your inbox for “hear” and you should find it.

Your account with Gradintel and your HEAR are free.


Important to know: Your Gradintel account is just that – yours, which means it’s attached to your information. The KCL HEAR team can access your account to update information, but other staff at King’s, including Student Services, can’t access your account. This means your HEAR is not something we can create manually or print out for you. If you ever need a hard copy of your HEAR, you would need to print it yourself – it comes already stamped. However, it is designed to be used digitally, and this is what we would recommend.


What's the best way for me to send my HEAR to employers, institutions, agencies or any other organisation?

The HEAR is designed to be used digitally. As such, please only send your HEAR via the official ‘Share’ function on the Gradintel website. This function allows sharing with whomever you need, and you can set access as appropriate to your needs. You are then sharing the live and most up-to-date version of your HEAR and this is what we advise to ensure validity.

Important to know: If you download your HEAR and email it as an attachment, it might make the document appear invalid or inauthentic.

Not getting accepted?
Some organisations aren’t familiar with the HEAR or don't understand its use. If you are struggling to get the HEAR accepted, we advise directing this third party to this article, or to our article I’m an employer/agency; how will the HEAR help me understand a graduate’s qualifications? for clarity and more information.


I can't find my HEAR on Gradintel

If you have logged into your Gradintel account and no HEAR is appearing there, please consider the following:

  • Have you recently enrolled as a new student? If yes; your HEAR won't appear until you have some ratified results. For most undergraduates, this will be towards the end of your first year. For postgraduates, this will most likely be towards the end of your course if you're doing a 1 year course, or towards the end of your first year, if your course is longer.
  • Are you a postgraduate research student? Unfortunately, HEARs are not available for research studies since such studies don't follow a prescribed modular structure. Please log a case and let us know what you need.
  • Have you activated your account with your KCL email address? You need to be sure the account is connected with your KCL record and is the account we have created for you. If you have manually gone through the registration process from scratch on Gradintelligence, the account may not be connected with your record. If you think this is what may have happened, please contact the KCL HEAR team to resolve this.

If none of the above apply to you, but your HEAR is not there, please contact the KCL HEAR team who will be able to support you.


I can't access my Gradintel account

If you're unable to find your original login credentials, or you are struggling to sign in to your account then follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click “Login” and then “Lost Account Details?”
  3. Follow the process to recover your account. The email address linked to your account will be your King’s College London email address unless you previously logged in and changed it. You can select “I don’t know” if you’re not sure which email address is linked to your Gradintelligence account.

What if my KCL email account is no longer active?
If you graduated a while ago, it’s likely your KCL email has been disabled. If you never activated your account while you were a student, you may not be able to recover your account as described above.
If this is you, please contact the KCL HEAR team, and they will be able to recover your account for you and attach it to a personal email address.

If this doesn't apply to you and your issue is more a technical difficulty with the Gradintelligence website, please contact the website support team directly by email.