Important to know: 

  • Your HEAR, Final Transcript and Record of Agreed Results documents are all hosted on Gradintelligence.
  • Please don't register yourself for your own account on Gradintelligence. This creates an account which is not linked to your student record and your HEAR won't appear there.
  • King's has automatically created Gradintelligence accounts for every graduate since 2012, which is linked to your student record.



Where is my HEAR and what format is it in?



What is Gradintel and how does it work?



What's the best way for me to send my HEAR to employers, institutions, agencies or any other organisation?



I can't find my HEAR on Gradintel



I am a current student and can't access my Gradintel account



I am a former student and can't access my Gradintel account


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