Upon completing your studies at King’s, you may need to return to the UK to look for jobs or attend your graduation ceremony.  The UKVI Student Visa guidance confirms that once you have completed your course, you can use your visa to: 
  • Enter and leave the UK
  • Work full-time in the UK, if your conditions of leave permit you to work
  • Study in the UK
  • Visit areas in the UK 
  • Apply to remain in the UK under an appropriate alternative route (e.g.  Innovator visa or the Graduate route/visa formally known as Tier 2)

Important to know:  If you do intend to travel outside of the UK once you have completed your studies, Border Force officials will need to be satisfied when you are entering the UK, and you will either: 

  • Complete the activity you intend to carry out and leave the UK before your visa expires, OR
  • That you will submit an in-time application to extend your leave in the UK.

You should carry any documentation relevant with you when you travel to show to the Border Force officer if required. 



If you are a Non-visa national 



If you are returning to the UK for your graduation 



Important to know: 
  • If the university has reported to UK Visa & Immigration (UKVI) that you have completed your programme of studies early and this has resulted in your visa being curtailed, you will NOT be able to travel outside of the UK during the new 4 month period you are given by UKVI after your new programme end date. Curtailment action takes place immediately as soon as you leave the UK.
  • If you wish to return to the UK following your Early Completion being reported to the UKVI, you should ensure that you have an alternative visa which is suitable for the purpose of your re-entry.