Before requesting a travel letter: 

What is a Travel letter? 
A Travel Letter is a document you can use to support your application for a visa to travel overseas while you are a student. This confirms your enrolment status and is addressed to the embassy you are applying to for your visa. 

To request a travel letter:

  1. Visit the Travel letter request form. You will be prompted to sign in.

  2. Complete the additional fields on the form.

  3. Click Submit.

  4. Student Services will then process your request and contact you if they have any clarification questions.


When you return to the UK

Other articles you may find useful upon your return to the UK:


Take a look at our Immigration & Visa advice category for more articles on visa and immigration support throughout your studies at King’s. 


Important to know: New Home Office regulations require students travelling during term-time to have approval from their academic department. If necessary, Student Services will contact your department on your behalf once you have requested a travel letter and ensure that you receive a copy of their approval.


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