If you are an international student who has had a break from study for more than 60 days that has resulted in a curtailment of your Tier 4 visa, then you will need to apply for a new visa to enter the UK and resume your studies at King’s.

We advise you to request a new CAS approximately 3 months prior to your planned return date by completing a CAS request form (please refer to the article "I'm a current student, how do I request a CAS?") Where relevant, please include the date that you plan to continue with your studies.

Once you have received your CAS then you can apply for your Tier 4 visa (see our separate article "How do I apply for a Tier 4 visa?")

Important to know: you cannot apply for a Tier 4 visa more than 3 months before your planned date of returning to full-time study and you will not be able to re-enter the UK more than 1 month in advance.