While you are studying with us we want you to enjoy your time, stay healthy and stay safe - whether you're online, on campus or just in London. Here are some useful tips to help you to stay safe during your time at King's:

It Stops Here
There might be a time where you, or a friend may find themselves to be a victim of a hate crime, sexual misconduct or harassment during your studies, and might find it difficult to speak to someone. The It Stops Here campaign launched in 2015 and aims to make King’s a community where everyone can feel welcome and safe, and to provide support to those who have been victims of harassment.

Along with the It Stops Here campaign, Kings have a created an Anonymous disclosure tool which allows students and staff to disclose incidents of bulling, harassment and sexual misconduct.

Keeping your belongings safe & secure in shared places
Studying alongside a large community at King’s will mean sharing a wide range of public facilities on campus, such as the library, or a classroom.

So that you can always keep your belongings secure, remember to:

  • Not leave your belongings unattended when using a shared space.
  • Keep items of value out of sight of others using the space.
  • Try not to leave your items in any of the Libraries on campus unattended for longer than 30 minutes. Belongings can be removed by Library Staff to free up study space for other students.
  • Only store your bicycle at one of the dedicated storage facilities on campus and secure this with a padlock. All 5 of our campuses have specific guidance on how to safely secure your bike. 
  • Bicycles can also be security marked and registered at BikeRegister.


Staying safe when living on campus
To help keep students safe, residences all over campus are closely monitored by Closed-Circuit Television Camera’s (CCTV).  Students living on campus can help keep each other safe by: 

  • Reporting suspicious activity to their reception in their residence in the first instance. For more information on how to contact each reception, take a look at the full list of Residences at King's.  
  • Contacting a Residence Welfare Lead if you have any issues with living with your flatmates. 
  • Visiting or getting in touch with the Security Team to report an out-of-hours maintenance issue or any security concerns on campus. Each campus has its own office and dedicated security team.
  • Reporting an emergency to the Police if this is out of hours and Residence can't provide assistance. 
  • Filling in a Student of Concern form, if you are concerned about the welfare of another student.
  • Approaching the Students' Union's independent advice service, KCLSU Advice for free, confidential and impartial advice for anything that may have affected your studies. 

Important to know: 

  • Do not let others follow you into buildings without the other person using their own KCL card to gain entry.

  • If you witness someone entering a King's property who appears to have deliberately avoided using their KCL card, please contact your security team on campus or residency staff in the first instance.

Health & Safety on campus
Health & Safety services have a Coming to King's webpage that provides links to information on all the ways we work to protect your safety, and how you can look after yourself and your friends. You can also self-enrol on a Health and Safety Student Induction KEATS module, which covers the different aspects of campus health and safety.