King’s is committed to creating an inclusive environment and to embracing the true power that diversity represents. We do this by continuing to fight ignorance and intolerance, tackling racism and discriminatory behaviour within in our community, and strengthening our approach to equality, diversity and inclusion.
At King's we also have The King's Community Charter: To achieve this ambition we want everyone in our community to flourish and to contribute to all aspects of university life. We all play a part in achieving this by creating a community where everyone feels a sense of belonging and safety. We want our community to be a place where everyone is treated fairly and with dignity and our differences are welcomed. Where inequality and discrimination are not tolerated and where we work to actively eliminate them.

The traumatic events that have taken place in America and the global response of the Black Lives Matter movement have impacted many in our community. If you are feeling distressed, angry, or concerned and it would help to speak to someone, please get in touch with one of the services listed below.

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Counselling & Mental Health Support
Our counselling service offers free and confidential mental health support for all King’s students. If you need support, you can apply for an online support appointment


24/7 Online support from Togetherall
Togetherall is an online mental health support service, you can access helpful resources from their website.
Important to know: The organisation has recently issued a statement recognising that they need to reflect diversity and accessibility to their platform with a name change; they have now changed to 'Togetherall'. When you visit their Ressources page you will see an statement about the name change.


Out-of-hours Counselling support
King’s have partnered with Pro-Counselling, who are King’s College London’s out-of-hours Counselling Service.

You can use this free and confidential service when you would like to talk about an issue or problem out-of-hours and feel that you cannot wait to see a counsellor. For more details, please read our article Mental health support during evenings, weekends & vacation periods.

Our team of Chaplains are available to meet students of all faiths or none. The Chaplains are practised listeners and are experienced in supporting students through any challenges you may have. You can contact the Chaplaincy and Dean’s office.  

Specific support for students from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds

Counselling & Mental Health Support: Therapeutic Support Group for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Students Conversations about Race
This group is an opportunity for students to have therapeutic conversations about race and the impact of racism and racial discrimination on individual wellbeing. The aim is to create an online, safe, non-judgemental and confidential space. We hope to encourage a setting in which students feel able to share openly about things that can often feel uncomfortable to talk about, such as experiences related to identity, race and culture. It will also be a space to learn coping mechanisms to manage symptoms of stress, low mood and anxiety relating to experiences.

The group is open to students who are from Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic backgrounds. It will be run by two mental health practitioners from the Counselling & Mental Health Support Service. If you would like to take part, you should email the service to express an interest in joining the group. Before joining the group, you will be invited to speak to one of the practitioners in a 1:1 appointment.

KCLSU: Black Students Consultation
KCLSU is hosting focus groups and 1-1 interviews with black British students at King’s to gain better insight into this community’s needs and how they wish to be represented and supported. If you are interested in participating please get in touch by email. You will also receive a £10 Amazon voucher for your time.

KCLSU: Black Students Talk

Black Students Talk is a peer support group that provides safe, supportive and therapeutic spaces for Black students to meet, share, learn, and manage mental health & wellbeing at university. Black Students Talk sessions take place online every other Thursday.

People of Colour Network
KCLSU has multiple Networks to represent marginalised communities within our student body, including the People of Colour Network. People of Colour refers to all students who self-define as African, Arab, Asian and Caribbean, with the term being created to unite those experiencing systemic racism. The Network brings together cultural societies and campaigning groups to act as a platform to discuss the numerous issues they face, alongside holding events and campaigning on issues that affects these communities.

Community Support for Black Students
In addition to the People of Colour Network, the Student Voice team also support more specific community groups such as the Black PhD Network, a group that seeks to bring together and support black PhD students. If you are interested in more information or wish to join the group, please get in touch.

Our local London boroughs
King’s campuses are based in the London boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark. Lambeth & Southwark Mind provide links to lots of organisations supporting the physical and mental health of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities.