If a student is in an emergency need situation then please visit our separate article about crisis support.

If you wish to highlight a serious concern about a student (see examples below) but do not feel that calling the emergency services is appropriate, then current students and staff can submit a form via our internal Student of Concern procedure (formerly the Student at Risk procedure). The form will then be picked up by designated staff in Student Services who will be able to advise on the best course of action while maintaining the relevant levels of confidentiality.


Serious risks include (but are not limited to):

  • physical ill-health
  • mental ill-health (including anxiety, depression, stress, breakdown, self-harm, having suicidal thoughts or mentioning suicide)
  • disappearance
  • financial deprivation
  • risk of being drawn into terrorism
  • visa expiry or non-compliance
  • losing accommodation
  • being a victim of sexual harassment or assault
  • being a victim of crime
  • being a victim of bullying or harassment (including sexual assault)
  • being a victim of domestic violence or abuse
  • being subject to criminal investigation
  • becoming an addict (e.g. addiction to alcohol or drugs)


If you are at all concerned about suicidal thoughts for yourself or a friend, please refer to our article Concerned about suicidal thoughts for yourself or someone else?

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