Depending on how your course is assessed, you can be examined in one of three ways at King’s:

  1. Open book examinations

An open book exam will allow you to bring written or printed material, such as a textbook (with highlights) or written notes into the exam venue.

  1. Limited book examinations

A limited book exam is an exam where you can bring texts into the exam that have been approved by your module leader. You will be told in advance the name of the text(s) you can bring into the exam and they will be listed at the front of your exam paper.

Any text brought into a limited book exam cannot have any written notes inside them or contain any other pieces of paper. However, key words or phrases can be highlighted within the text. The texts will be checked during the exam and will be taken away if they do not meet the guidelines above. Students found to have brought in texts that contain additional notes or marking will be reported to the Student Conduct, Complaints and Appeals Office.

  1. Closed book examinations

In a closed book exam, you are not allowed to bring any written material into the exam hall. The majority of exams taken at King’s are closed book.


Important to know: If you're unsure how you will be assessed, contact your department/faculty for more information and guidance.