This article includes the different ways you can be assessed at King's throughout your studies.
Coursework is used to assess the depth of your knowledge in a particular topic, as well as your evaluation and analytic skills.
During your studies, you may be given a piece of work assigned to you to produce, using source materials. Any piece of coursework you are assigned is to be completed over a specified period of time; this is communicated to you in advance by your lecturer/module leader. 
In-person Exams
Exams are mainly used to test your knowledge across the length of a course/module. During an in-person exam students complete a time-limited form of assessment under the same conditions on a specific date and time, and at a specified venue.

Exams can vary in question types from essay-based to multiple choice. They can also be used for performance-based courses as in music and languages, and competency-based courses such as OCSEs in clinical practice. 
Online exams
An online exam is a time restricted exam where most aspects of the assessment process, design, student production, submission and marking/feedback are conducted online.

What format will my exam be in?
The information below may vary according to the module and programme you are taking, and will be confirmed by your department/faculty in advance. The format of your online exams is likely to be one of the following: 
  • 24-hour submissions

If you have an assessments that is listed as a 24 hour duration this could be in one of two formats:

  1. You will have 24 hours from the date and time on your timetable to submit your assessment via KEATS. You can submit your assessment at any time within the 24 hours provided as long as the final submission is within the 24 hour period, however it is not expected that assessments should take any longer to complete than the original allowed time e.g 4 hours.
  2.  You will have 24 hours from the date and time on your timetable within which you may open your assessment at any point. Once the assessment has been opened, you will have an allocated amount of time to complete the assessment, however this will become timed once opened.

Important to know: If you have overlapping 24 hour assessments within your timetable, you are expected to manage your time throughout this period to submit your assessments before the submission deadlines.


  • Timed Submissions (4 hours or less) 
If you have a timed online assessment, the window for submission begins at the date and time on your timetable. You will not be able to access this assessment after the allotted time has passed.
Your department/faculty will advise you whether there are any specific requirements for an exam, such as a word count, referencing, restricted access to resources/referencing material, and whether an ID check will be conducted. 

Important to know:
Safeguarding academic standards during online assessments 
You are expected to do your own work and abide by the university's Academic Honesty & Integrity policy. As part of the process of submitting an online exam, you will be asked to declare your acknowledgement of, and compliance with this code.
Online exams will be also subject to our normal processes, such as the use of plagiarism detection software, and formal university procedures where evidenced. 
Important to know: Please ensure you read and understand the rules governing Academic Misconduct and familiarise yourself with the Academic Regulation on Misconduct before taking an exam at King’s.