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What benefits and discounts can I get as alumni?
There are many benefits and discounts that alumni are entitled to, from discounts on courses at the King's Language Centre to discounts on umbrellas as well as library access and invitations to loads of alumni events in the UK and abroad. You can access all your discounts and benefits through King’s Connect.

Can I still access King’s library and campus after I graduate?
Yes. Once your Student ID expires you can still access King’s Campuses and Libraries using your King’s Connect profile. Please be sure to add a photo to the profile or be prepared for security to ask you for a piece of photo ID.

How can I stay involved with King’s after I graduate?
King’s Connect is where you can find out about upcoming events, activities and volunteering opportunities. It is also a mentoring platform so you can network with other alumni and help support current students.

We have a host of wonderful alumni events and webinars you can attend. See the full list of what’s happening at King's Alumni Events.

Service is a core value of King’s and we have many alumni volunteers who continue to support the King’s community in many ways. If you are interested in volunteering, please check out King's Alumni: Volunteer with us.

As a graduate, you have a wealth of knowledge and experience that could be a huge benefit to current students. We are always looking for more alumni mentors. Find out more about mentoring at King's Alumni: Mentoring.