As King’s alumni you’ll most likely still need support from us in the years ahead, and we hope you’ll stay in touch.

In this article we’ve pulled together the key resources for you as a graduate, to continue supporting your journey beyond King’s.


King’s Connect

King’s Connect is a networking platform that allows both current students and alumni to connect to the wider King’s Community and expand their professional network, by building long-lasting relationships with hundreds of students.

Once you graduate at King's and create a King's Connect account, you'll be able to access a wide range of benefits:  

  • You can easily keep in touch with current students and connect with King's alumni.
  • Boost your career by getting involved with mentoring other students, or sign up to become a mentee and receive helpful career tips and guidance. 
  • Discover the latest news and updates from King’s College London.
  • You can search for contacts by industry, job title, year of graduation and subject studied.

Important to know:


  • To create an account at King's Connect you can use either a Google, Facebook or LinkedIn account to sign up.
  • King’s Connect is open to both alumni and current students to join.