When you finish your studies at King’s and graduate, you will lose access to your KCL IT accounts and email address.

How long after graduation will my accounts be closed down?
All accounts are disabled approximately 5-6 weeks after you leave King’s. You have officially graduated and left when your course has ended, no more work or assessments are due, no extensions/resits are pending and you are awaiting your final results and award.

Your Records Centre will mark your student record as ‘complete’, and the closing-down time-frame of 5-6 weeks will start from this point. This is usually shortly after your course end date.

Important to know: Your graduation ceremony marks the occasion, but you’re not considered a student up to your ceremony. For a more detailed explanation of your student status, please check our article Understanding student status: what does my status mean for me?

Will I receive any warning that my account and email will be closed?
A notification e-mail is sent out 30 days in advance of the expiry date to allow you to transfer any information held in on your account.

Once the account is disabled, you will lose access to all parts of your KCL account, including student records and your email account.

Important to know: Once your account has been disabled, unfortunately it’s not possible to re-open or extend it.

My account is disabled/getting closed, but I am still studying
If you believe the closing down of your IT account is a mistake and you have not yet graduated, please contact your department and your Records Centre.

Records Centres can be contacted as follows:

I’ve graduated but my work still connects me to King’s
If you will be continuing to work with or with a significant connection with King's beyond your studies and require ongoing access, contact a member of staff from your former department and request that they fill in the 'King's Affiliate Account Request' on IT Help & Support and select the 'convert a standard account' option.

For more details about Affiliate accounts, please visit KCL Affiliate Accounts.

I've graduated but I now work for King’s as a member of staff
If you’ve become a member of King’s staff and need a staff IT account, please contact IT Service Desk. Your line manager should also help you to arrange this.

How will I stay in touch about graduation ceremonies?

While you still have access, you can update your student record with a personal email address. For more detail see How can I ensure I receive updates regarding future graduation ceremonies?

What if I need to get in touch about my certificate and transcript?
You can always get in touch about important documents you need as a graduate; you don’t need your KCL email address to contact us.

To find out more about your transcript and certificate, refer to:

Did you know your Gradintel account for your HEAR is linked to your KCL email address?
You’ll likely need your HEAR when you graduate and get awarded, and your Gradintel account is set up with your KCL email address. But you can reset this to a personal email address and it’s much easier to do this while you still have access to your KCL account. Find out more about accessing this in Accessing my Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) on Gradintel.