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How do I check the status of my mitigating circumstances request?
We have provided some basic instructions below, but you might also find the Student Guide for Submitting a Mitigating Circumstances request via Student Records PDF useful.


To check the status of your request: 

  1. Log on to Student Records.
  2. Select ‘Student Home Page’ within the banner at the top of the homepage.
  3. Select ‘My Mitigating Circumstances’ within the ‘My Modules’ area.
  4. On the Mitigating Circumstances homepage, go to the ‘Requests Under Consideration’ area. Here you will see a list of your requests currently under consideration and the current status/stage of each request.


The different review stages of a mitigating circumstances request

Pre-panel Administration review stage
This is the first stage, where your request is initially reviewed by the relevant Professional Services or equivalent administrative team. The request will remain at this stage if further evidence and/or information has been requested. While your request is at this stage, you can upload further evidence/information. 

Board / Panel review stage
Once your request has been initially reviewed at the Pre-panel Administration stage, it will (in most cases) then progress to the Board / Panel stage for final decision. You can’t upload evidence while your request is at this stage, but if further evidence and/or information is required then it will return to the Pre-panel Administration stage, where you can.


When deciding the outcome of your mitigating circumstance request, the Assessment Sub Board Chair will take into consideration:

  • Whether the mitigating circumstances are significant, including the period of time affected.
  • The number of assessments affected. Within a given module there is a limit to the number of assessments you can miss while still being able to demonstrate that you have achieved the learning outcomes of the module.
  • The authenticity of the evidence provided. 


Apply Mitigation review stage
If your request is approved, it will then progress to the final stage – Apply Mitigation. This is where the mitigations are applied to the assessments. You will receive an automated outcome email once all the mitigations (relevant to your request) have been applied.  You can’t upload any evidence while your request is at this stage.

How & when will I be informed of the outcome of my request?
The outcome will be sent to your King’s email address, normally within 7 calendar days from the date you submitted your application. The response time might be longer during periods when the university is closed, such as the Christmas and New Year break. For information on when the university is closed, please visit our article When is the university closed?


What happens if my request is approved?
If your request is approved, you’ll receive an automated outcome email to your King’s email address once all the mitigation(s) relevant to your request have been applied. The outcome email will include the overall decision and details of the mitigation(s) applied, as well as any individual assessment rejections.

One of the following mitigations will be applied to your affected assessment(s):

  • Replacement assessment granted
  • Coursework extension granted
  • Exam deferral granted
  • Late submission accepted without penalty
  • Element of assessment declared void (not applicable to elements that have a qualifying mark [T12.1 refers] or contribute more than 20% to the overall module)
  • Adjustment to College and/or course specific regulations

If your request covers modules taken outside your main academic department, the outcome of your application is also sent to the relevant staff in other academic departments who will need to provide a mitigation for your assessment.

What happens if my request is rejected?
If your request is rejected, you’ll immediately receive an automated rejection email to your King’s email address. There will be no mitigations applied to any assessments and you should complete them as normal. 


You aren’t able to re-open or respond to an outcome or rejected request within Student Records. If you require further details or want to make an appeal, please contact your relevant academic department directly.