If you need to confirm your tuition fees, you can use the following:

  • Your offer letter: If you’re a new student your tuition fees will be contained within your offer letter.
  • Your invoice: If you are self-funded or sponsored for your fees, King’s will issue an invoice. If you are on an undergraduate (UG) or postgraduate taught (PGT) student following the usual academic calendar year, this will be October/November time. If you are on a research course, your invoice may be provided at a different time. We advise checking with the Credit Control department if you are unsure of when this will be.
  • Online: If you’re a returning student there is an online calculator you can use to check your fees for the next year. 
If the above options don’t work for your purposes, and you need to get your fees confirmed in document, please let us know by submitting a document request form.

Important to know: To help us provide the best service to you, we will always ask you for details of exactly what you need and what you’re trying to use it for. This is to make sure we have as much information as possible, enabling is to issue you with the right document and the right information, every time.

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