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How to register with Disability Support

To register with Disability Support for the first time, you can self-register by selecting Self Service Disability Registration within Student Records. 
Important to know: The self-registration link may not work if you’ve already been in touch with Disability Support.  
What will I need to provide when registering?  

To ensure we provide the right support for you throughout your time at King’s, you’ll need to provide evidence of your disability, health condition or specific learning difficulty when registering for the service.  

What evidence will I need to provide for my long-term, medical, or mental health conditions/ Specific Learning Disabilities?  
Depending on your impairment, medical/mental health conditions or specific learning difficulty, you’ll either need to provide evidence in the form of a diagnostic assessment, a (dated and signed) letter, or report:
Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) (such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, dysgraphia, or ADHD) 

Important to know: If you do not have a diagnostic report, please get in touch with Disability Support for advice.  

  • We accept medical evidence from a qualified medical professional, or we can accept evidence of a SpLD with indicators of ADHD in the context of a full diagnostic assessment, carried out either by a specialist teacher assessor or an Educational Psychologist.  
Autistic Spectrum Conditions  
  • A letter from your GP is sufficient, but if a full assessment report would be preferable.  
Long term medical conditions including mental health conditions  
You'll need to provide a letter from a suitably qualified medical professional.  Your letter should cover the following:  
  • The diagnosis or nature of the impairment or medical condition  
  • When it was first diagnosed  
  • The likely duration
  • An indication of  how  the condition may affect your studies and in examinations  
  • Any prescribed medication and the impact of any possible side effects  
Important to know: 
  • All evidence provided to support your application, must be signed and dated by the author of the document.
For International Students:  
  • If the original evidence you have is not written in English, you’ll need to provide an authorised translation. Check with your embassy for a list of authorised agencies.
  • When registering for the service, you should also provide the original (untranslated) document. This must be signed by the author.
What happens after I’ve registered with Disability support? 

After you’ve registered with Disability Support, they will get in touch with you to explain more about disability support at King’s.  
Important to know:

 Due to the current situation, Disability Service are only offering video/audio appointments via Microsoft Teams. Take a look at our article Accessing Student Support and Wellbeing remotely for more information on arranging an appointment.