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Who are the Disability Support & Inclusion team at King's & how can they support me?  



Who are Disability Support and Inclusion & how can they support me?  


What do Disability Advisers do?


What other support can I access from Disability Support & Inclusion?



Drop-in sessions for current students

What provisions can be made for my disability?
This article provides an overview of the adjustments that can be made and the specialist support you can access, depending on your disability. 
Important to know: If you have yet to register with the Disability Support and inclusion team, please read our article  How do I register with Disability Support for the first time? 
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    Specific Learning Difficulties  

    Mental Health and Autism
    Physical Impairment/Long-Term Health Conditions
    Deaf/Hearing Loss 
    Visual Impairments 
    Undiagnosed disability 
    What other support can I access at King's?

    Libraries & Collections 


    King’s Careers & Employability


    Accessibility & inclusivity on King's campuses