The KCL NHS Health Centre offers a wide range of health services for all students, including specialist clinics and services, some of which are not usually available within a standard GP practice.

You can find out more about the range of support options on the website, including the catchment area and how to register, and we offer an overview of the specialist services below:


Eating Disorder Primary Care Clinic
Our practice-based specialist primary care service for eating disorders is the first of its kind in London. Our clinic is suitable for patients with a mild to moderate eating disorder, and this enables earlier intervention and prevention of disease progression. This is important for students who need timely intervention during the academic year.

Each week we have 20 1-hour appointments available with a Clinical Nurse Specialist for assessment. Similarly, we have 20 1-hour appointments available each week with a Clinical Therapist, a GP and Healthcare Assistant (HCA) for monitoring and reviews.

Our service means we have significantly reduced waiting times; our patients are seen in 2 months, versus an average of 12 months’ waiting time on the normal NHS pathway.  

GP Led Mental Health Clinic
Our clinic is led by mental health GP lead and supported by the community mental health team as required. We are able to monitor complex mental health conditions in primary care. This is especially valuable if you are an international student here on a short-term course.

There are seven 20-minute appointments available each week in the Mental Health Clinic and we also provide timely initiation and management of antipsychotic medication.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Clinic 
This clinic provides structured supported and liaison with specialists and relevant teams across King’s. We offer scheduled appointments as well as drop-in times. There are eight 1-hour appointments available every 3 months with a specialist ASD consultant.

Type 1 Diabetes Clinic
Type 1 diabetes is a complex condition that is normally only managed in secondary care on the NHS. The clinic in the Health Centre is the only one in the country providing a primary care pathway for the management of type 1 diabetics. It is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all diabetic care.

There are five 35-minute Multidisciplinary Diabetes Teams (MDT) appointments available monthly in term time with an endocrinologist, dietician and GP. There are also eight 20-minute appointments available each month with the diabetic lead GP and HCA for routine support and checks.

The clinic also supports the management of insulin pumps, initiation and change in insulin doses, and initiation and on-going management of freestyle libre-continuous glucose monitoring devices. These are all done in the Health Centre under the guidance of the endocrinologist.

Gender Transition Support
We administer hormonal injections at the Health Centre and monitor bloods as per national guidelines and under shared care with secondary care specialists. We ensure all patients are appropriately counselled and monitored during the treatments and transition.

Appointments are available daily for routine GP and Nurse clinics, with waiting times never longer than 2 weeks. We supply all patients with screening information before, during and after the transition process, such as cervical, breast and prostate screening.

The surgery has also been awarded a GOLD for its standard of care by the ‘Pride in Practice’ LGBT team.

The Havens Clinics – for sexual assault
This clinic allows for patients to be screened and managed by the specialist Havens team within the Health Centre. Unfortunately, it is often the case that students report an incident weeks after the initial assault; providing a safe space for all your care to be managed is our preferred pathway.

The Havens currently operate from the Health Centre 3 days a week as well as hosting group therapies here monthly. We refer patients to the Havens teams, so patients need an initial appointment with a GP at the Health Centre. Alongside this the Health Centre manages any sexual health and contraceptive screening required if you prefer to see us rather than the forensic team.

Minor Surgery
Minor surgery includes:

  • Removal of lumps and bumps
  • Biopsies
  • Removal of skin lesions and moles

We offer minor surgery within the Health Centre. There are nine 15-minute appointments available each week with a GP; GP consultation is provided prior to deciding whether to proceed with surgery.

Family Planning Coil & Implant fittings
There are nine 15-minute appointments available each week with a GP. We offer nurse counselling prior to a decision on whether to fit or remove long-term reversible contraception devices. We provide full sexual health screening including swabs and bloods.

Travel Clinic
Appointments are available daily through routine nurse clinics, with waiting times never longer than 2 weeks. Travel vaccines can be provided for patients travelling on electives or placements abroad including Rabies, Yellow Fever and Typhoid.

Important to know: Some vaccines do incur a charge because they are not provided by the NHS.