During the pandemic there will many of us concerned about our health, and all the usual illnesses and conditions that you may normally need support with will inevitably continue during this time.

Important to know: If you are worried that you may have contracted Coronavirus (COVID-19), please refer to Coronavirus Advice & Guidance about what steps you should take.

If you are worried about another type of health concern, the National Health Services (NHS) can help you and offers a very wide range of health support services.

This article covers broad support and primarily physical health services. If you’re looking specifically for mental health support, please see our article What specialist mental health support is the NHS offering during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak?

Finding local services
NHS Apps
NHS Services in London
Sexual health support
Pregnancy & women’s health
Urgent care

Finding local services

We recommend using the NHS Service search which will use your postcode to find your local support options for wherever you live in the UK in these service areas:
  • GP
  • Dentist
  • Pharmacy
  • Optician
  • Hospital
  • Urgent care services
  • Sexual health services
  • Pregnancy services
  • Mental health services
  • Other NHS services
If you’re not already registered with a GP you can find out more about this in our article How can I register with a doctor and/or dentist?

When using these services you may need your NHS number. If you’re unsure what this is or where to find it, please see How do I find my NHS Number?

NHS Apps

There are a wide range of apps you can access and search for by topic area, with a range of free and paid-for options. For this check out the NHS Apps Library.

NHS Services in London

If you live in the London are as many King’s students do, you may find My health london especially helpful.

King’s also has the KCL Health Centre which is still running offering telephone consultations.
You can find out more and follow them at

Sexual health support

The NHS provides lots of information about sexual health in Sexual health - advice and support and Sexual health - common questions, and can help you find sexual health clinics.

If you’re living in the London area, you may find Myhealthlondon - Sexual Health especially helpful for information and finding local services.

This information on sexual health is particularly targeted towards maintaining health during the pandemic - Sex and your sexual health during Lockdown.

Pregnancy & women’s health

If you are pregnant and need support, the NHS offers Your pregnancy and baby guide but it also offers more specific guidance about Pregnancy and coronavirus and what to do along with support options.

More guidance on Coronavirus infection and pregnancy can also be found from the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists.

For general support on women’s health, you may find this website and information helpful: Advice for women seeking contraception, abortion and other sexual and reproductive healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic

For London-based information, you can find out more at Myhealthlondon - Maternity.

Marie Stopes UK are the leading provider of sexual and reproductive health services in the UK. They offer NHS-funded early medical and surgical abortion treatment.

On 30 March 2020, the UK Government approved the use of telemedicine for early medical abortions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that instead of going to a clinic for face-to-face treatment, women can choose to receive their abortion pills via the post or collect them from a clinic of their choosing, to be taken within their own homes. For more information on this service and other support offered, you can contact Marie Stopes UK by phone or online or visit their Facebook page.

If you become pregnant during your course, please take a look at our article I’m pregnant, how can King’s support me? for information and support options available within King’s.

Urgent care

If you need help now and you’re not sure what to do, go to NHS 111 Online or call 111.

If you think it's an emergency Find your nearest A&E or call 999.

For urgent care in London, you can find out more - Urgent care – London Walk-in Centres.

If you have been a victim of a crime, including rape or other sexual assault, you can Report a crime or incident.

For information, guidance and support if you’re suffered rape or other sexual assault, you can visit these websites:
NHS Help after rape and sexual assault
Rape Crisis England & Wales
Patient info - Sexual Assault

If you have experienced any kind of assault in your home during the Coronavirus lockdown, you may also find our article What support is available for victims of domestic abuse during the Coronavirus outbreak? helpful.