If you’re thinking of withdrawing from your studies, there are a number of things you need to consider. We understand that this need may arise for a myriad of reasons which include financial, personal or health issues, all of which can make study or attendance difficult.

To ensure that withdrawal is a suitable option for you and that you are fully aware of the impact this may have on funding, housing and future study, it is strongly advised that you discuss your case with both your personal tutor and Advice & Guidance before making your final decision. We have lots of information and advice about Who to talk to in our article I'm not sure if I should leave my course or just take a break.

Important to know: If you are studying on a Student Visa, please refer to our guidance on Visa implications and sure to consult with Visa & International Adviser before making your decision.

In this article we address the considerations you need to think about before submitting a withdrawal request:


Key considerations when withdrawing



What happens with my fees and funding?



What will happen about my housing?



Will I lose my TfL Oyster student discount once I withdraw?



What happens with the Council Tax Exemption or discount that I have enjoyed at my property?



How are welfare benefits affected by my withdrawal?



What if I am unsure about what to do with my future. Who can give me some guidance?


Fees & funding when withdrawing



If I withdraw before the end of the academic year, will I still pay the full tuition fee?



I am responsible for paying my own fees. Can I expect a refund if I have overpaid?



I used a fee loan from Student Finance to pay my tuition fees. What if they have paid King’s too much?



Student Finance helped with my living costs too. How will withdrawing impact on maintenance support?



I thought my loans were only repayable once I started working and earning over the £25,750 threshold?



The NHS pay my living costs. Will they also make a request for money back if I withdraw mid-year?



I have spent all the money. What should I do if they ask for some money back?



I have been awarded a scholarship/bursary. What happens with that funding?



What affect will a withdrawal have on funding for any future studies?