If you’re thinking of withdrawing from your studies, there are a number of things you need to consider. We understand that this need may arise for a myriad of reasons which include financial, personal or health issues, all of which can make study or attendance difficult. To make sure that a withdrawal is the most suitable option for you and that you are fully aware of the impact this may have on funding, housing and future study, we strongly advise that you read our guidance, and that you discuss your case with both your department and Advice & Guidance, who are part of central Student Support and Wellbeing Services before making your decision.

Important to know: If you are studying on a visa, please refer to Specific information for Tier 4 or Student Visa students for implications around withdrawing for your visa and status.


What happens with my fees and funding?
We have a further article which addresses this - please read this as your next step: Withdrawing as an undergraduate: what will happen with my fees and funding?

What will happen about my housing?
If you are living in King’s Accommodation, once you stop studying, you will need to find alternative housing as Halls are exclusively for students. You’ll need to contact the Residence Team about terminating your contract and agreeing a move out date by email or by phone on 0207 848 5959.

If you live in private halls or at a private rented property, then you should check your contract for terms and conditions. It may be that you are unable to break the lease early, even though you are withdrawing from the course. Get in touch with the Money & Housing Advice team if you need further support with this.

Will I lose my TFL Oyster student discount once I withdraw?
You attract this discount because of your enrolment at the institution, so once you leave, you will eventually lose this concession. At certain times of the year, the university must update TFL on withdrawals and this will prompt them to cancel your student discount card.

What happens with the Council Tax Exemption or discount that I have enjoyed at my property?
This is linked to enrolment on a full-time course so once withdrawn, you lose this discount or exemption. You are responsible for updating your Local Authority as they will need to review your council tax bill to take into account this relevant change of circumstance.

How are welfare benefits affected by my withdrawal?
Once you stop studying, you are no longer a student and therefore, should be free to apply for welfare benefits, if you need them. The usual restrictions on full time students should no longer apply.

On the other hand, if you are someone who has continued to access welfare benefits whilst studying, for example, you are a lone parent; then make sure that you update the benefit provider that you have left the course, so they can take this relevant change into consideration. For means tested benefits, this is likely to result in an increase in your entitlements as student loan income is likely to be reduced.

If you’re unsure about this and would like advice, you may wish to contact Citizens Advice.

What if I am unsure about what to do with my future. Who can give me some guidance?
It’s very common for students to be unsure about the future. You may benefit from speaking to the Careers and Employability Team here at King’s. They can help you identify your skill set, interests and pathways towards your next adventure.