There are various and many reasons why you might want to withdraw from your course and/or leave the university. It is important that you talk through your reasons for leaving the course with relevant support staff before you leave. This is to ensure that you are making the right decision for you and that you are aware of any problems you might have as a consequence of withdrawing or taking a break from your studies. For example, your eligibility for future funding or your immigration status (if you are an international student) could be affected.

The Advice & Guidance team have details of guidance for things you should think about when considering withdrawing from your course. This includes details of who to talk to and a range of issues to consider

Once you have decided you would definitely like to leave the university, then you should read about and follow the process outlined on the relevant intranet section:

Undergraduate changes to registration

Postgraduate Taught changes to registration

Postgraduate Research changes to registration


Withdrawing as a result of COVID-19
Due to the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), many have found their lives disrupted.  This might be due to financial loss, new caring responsibilities, ill health, or other challenges that have made it feel impossible to continue with studying this year.

If you are feeling like this, do remember that there are many support services within King’s who you can speak to, who may be able to identify strategies or interventions that can be introduced to help you remain on the course. It’s important to talk to your department as early as possible and consider any implications of withdrawing.

We advise reading the relevant guidance for you:

We also recommend reading Who to talk to; this will help you find out where to get help and advice.

However, if you have spoken to relevant staff and continuing is just not possible, you may wish to consider interrupting your studies – in which case, please see our article How can I take a break from my course? for more guidance. Alternatively, formally withdrawing from your studies may be the best option for you.

How will this affect my student finance?
By completing this process, it allows King’s to update your record to reflect that you will no longer attend and we will notify any funding body that you rely on for fee loans and/or maintenance loans.  They too need to update their records, and the information we share with them will help them to adjust your funding status. 

For more information about what happens to fee charges and maintenance support when a student withdraws, please see:

What should I include on my withdrawal request?
You will be asked for a couple of key details when completing your withdrawal request:
  • The reason for your decision
  • Your last date of engagement on the course
How to cite COVID-19 as the reason?
You state this on your withdrawal request by:
  1. Selecting the ‘COVID-19’ option in the relevant drop down menu
  2. Go to the free text box below, using this to give more detail about your specific circumstances. Examples of reasons might be:
    • You have new caring responsibilities
    • You are struggling with your physical or mental health
If you’re not comfortable with that, please make sure you contact your funding providers personally, to make them aware of the detail.                                                                                      

What happens next?
  1. In accordance with GDPR rules, King's will share these details with your Student Finance provider, such as Student Finance England, so they have an accurate account of your situation. 
  2. Student Finance providers have asked universities to share when COVID-19 has been a key reason for withdrawal, as they will use this information to make their decision and help them work out what will happen with any current financial assessment they have sent you for 2020-21. 

Important to know: By letting your Student Finance provider know about your specific reasons for withdrawal, if you were to return to study and request future funding, they will have an accurate record of your previous entitlements and the exceptional impact COVID-19 had on your ability to commit to your studies.