You may find that you need to get a document ‘certified’ – this usually means an official body/institution confirming that the document is authentic, or certifying a copy of your document – often there is a need to confirm that a copy is a ‘true likeness’ of the original.

King’s isn’t able to certify official documents such as your passport, birth certificate, or other documents which belong to you, and which King’s did not issue.

However, the Post Office is the nationwide network of branches offering a range of postal, Government and financial services. You can use the Post Office’s Document certification service, to certify documents such as passport, driving licence, utility bills, bank statements. This is a paid service and available at your nearest Post Office branch.

I need my passport photo & application countersigned
Some paper passport applications and photos must be signed by someone else (the ‘countersignatory’) to prove the identity of the person applying. Only certain ‘recognised professions’ are accepted as countersignatories. For the list of these professions, please see UK gov Countersigning passport applications and photos.

For help with your application, you can also get further support from the Post Office. For more information please see:

I need a document from King’s verified
Documents issued from King’s will be stamped and signed digitally. We have several documents which you can access yourself easily and quickly through Student Records.

If a third party is asking to prove your status as a current student, please refer to I need to prove my student status. We also recommend sharing the article with the third party. For graduates from King’s, we recommend the HEAR.

Important to know: Once you have graduated from King’s, we will refer any requests from third parties for verifications to HEDD, the online verification service.