At King’s, we want to ensure that all our students with specific needs are given the right support to move into our residences with confidence. 
Who will King’s Residences make adjustments for?  
In accordance with the Equality Act (2010), we'll make reasonable adjustments for students who require extra support within their accommodation due to a long-term disability medical condition or sensory/physical impairment. This may include adapting a space or allocating a room in a specified location to ensure you can be involved fully in university life and the student experience.  
How do I let King’s Residences know what additional accommodation requirements I have?  
To ensure that your needs can be met, it's essential that you disclose your requirements when you apply for accommodation at King's.
You can do this by using the student accommodation portal system. There is a section within the application process that will allow you to request additional accommodation requirements. Please complete this section with details of what your accommodation requirements are and why you require them in relation to your disability or circumstances. 
You can also watch our video on how to book accommodation at King's for further guidance. 


Important to know: If you do not let us know your requirements until after you've applied or after you move in, we cannot guarantee that a suitable room will be available.




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Important to know: You can find out more information on the different types of accommodation King's has to offer on our Residences webpages.