As part of your enrolment, the university must verify your immigration status to confirm your right to study. The Right to Study (RTS) check is a verification process to ensure that all international students (except for Irish nationals) hold an appropriate immigration permit to study in the UK.
It normally takes 5-10 minutes for you to complete this check online and up to 3 working days for your check to be reviewed.

How to complete the Right to Study check 



What if I can’t find or access the task? 



Why do we need this information?



What documents will I need to provide during the check? 

What documents you will need to provide will depend on your nationality, the type of immigration permission you hold, where you applied for your visa, and if you applied outside of the UK how you entered through the UK border. 



Student Visa - Entry Clearance Vignette & BRP 



Student Visa - Digital status 



If you have Pre-Settled/Settled Status



Visitor Route - Courses that are less than 6 months in length



Frequently asked questions 



I hold another type of visa/immigration permission, do I still need to complete the check?



I have recently changed from remote to in-person studies, do I need to complete a Right to Study check?



I am unsure if I need to complete a Right to Study check, who can help me?


Once you've completed the Right to Study check 


What happens once I've completed the Right to Study check? 

How do I then collect my student ID card?



I’ve changed my course at King’s, will I need to complete the Right to Study check again?​​​​​


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