King’s College London holds a Student Visa/ Tier 4 licence issued by UK Visa Immigration (UKVI) that allows us to bring overseas students into the UK to study with us. For us to maintain and keep our licence we have to make sure that we meet the UKVI’s rules and regulations surrounding Student Visa’s.

When a student at King's is issued with a Student Visa, they also have to make sure they meet the rules and requirements related to their visa to enable them to maintain their visa and remain in the UK.
Below is a list of the responsibilities and conditions that need to be met by both King’s College and students. 


What documents do I need to provide? 


What are my responsibilities?

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Keeping your contact details updated



Notifying the University of a significant change in your circumstance



Withdrawals and interruptions



Change of immigration status



Attendance and engagement



Working during your studies