Important to know:

  • The UK Home Office introduced a new immigration system which came into effect from 5 October 2020. The new “Student Visa” route replaced the “Tier 4 (General)” visa route. Please read our article New Student Visa Immigration Route for more information.
  • We will continue to update this article in line with the latest developments regarding the new Student visa route. Should you need further advice, please contact Advice and Guidance.

Working part-time as a student can help you to develop a number of useful skills, alongside studying for your degree. If you are on a Student visa, you must follow certain rules if you wish to work throughout your studies, depending on your level of study.

Undergraduate Students

  •  Undergraduate students doing a full-time degree, can work a maximum of 20 hours per week during term time, and can work full-time during University vacation periods.

Masters students:

  • Masters students on a Student visa can work a maximum of 20 hours during Semester 3. This is still classified as term time, as you are expected to be completing your dissertation throughout this semester. You can check the Faculty Calendar for more information on term time dates for each Faculty and Department.

PhD students

  • PhD students are entitled to 8 weeks’ annual leave and can work during their annual leave period.


Important to know:

  •  For more information about working in the UK on a Student visa take a look at our helpful Advice Guide for International Students wishing to work alongside their studies.
  • If you are unsure of how many hours you are able to work during your studies, your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) will also state the maximum amount of hours you are able to work while studying.
  • Students on a part-time course who are on a Student visa cannot work during term time, University vacation periods or undertake work placements.
  • You’ll be told what you can and cannot do on a Student visa, once your visa application has been approved.